Since my conversion so sweetly tastes, being the thing I am.

My mission was wonderful and it is bitter sweet to say good-bye to this sacred land I have come to love so much. I have given my heart completely here and I know I am going home having nothing left to give. I am overjoyed with the mission I served and I am equally as sad to leave. But if there is one thing I have learned on my mission is that there is always something good around the corner. I got to finish off my mission witnessing a beautiful baptism of Linda Anderson. She was so prepared to hear and ready to feel God’s love. She had no hope and Christ found her and gave her that hope again. I know we are just vessels, but what a blessing it has been to represent Him. I know when I stand tall He stands next to me. And when I can’t stand at all, He is the one holding me. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t doubt Heavenly Father, He never doubts us. I look forward to new adventures and more miracles. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, it was translated by the Priesthood Power (aka Power of God) and it is joy. I love my savior Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. The Holy Ghost is my constant companion and He comforts. I just want to conclude my mission with two things.Shakespeare "Twas I but tis not I, I do not shame to tell you what I was, since my conversion so sweetly tastes, being the thing I am." I am a representative of the Living Christ Jesus!
Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.
2 Thessalonians 3:16
God be with you all:) I love you and remember that there is always hope.
Sister Hattie Carr

  • I got tazed to see what it feels like, and my bishop did it with me!!
  • Linda’s Baptism:))))
  • Throw back to Tacoma with my Baby Peters
  • Good-bye.

Crazy great members!

Random pictures!

This is when my rib tried to jam itself again so I laid on the ground to let my back calm down!

Don’t be a Chicken!

In Winlock, there are chicken statues everywhere. So one day we just walked around town and took a picture with every single one! It was a blast:)

I love Sister Stephens!!! But look at her, can you blame me?!

Pranking Elders!

So we are going to have to do my last week in multiple emails…First we pranked Elders by completely covering their apartment in glitter. Then we dodged the bullet at the missionary meeting by blaming the other sisters. But the member that they lived with who helped us ratted on us. It was fun though!

Halloween, one week left, and castrated pigs!

Halloween we went adventuring at an outlet mall and found this picture and decided to make our own squad picture!

It was quite successful I think!
We then went over to a member later that week and I got to hold so many kittens!! One kept kissing me on the nose:))))

My final District meeting! I love this crew and am going to miss Missionary meetings…

My beautiful companion and I in front of Mount Ranier!! This is such a beautiful land:)

I castrated a PIG!! Yes I did it. And I gave a couple of them shots. I can be a farmer girl. I got covered in mud and smelt so nasty!!!! We had to use bleach to get it off!

Update on Linda: She is amazing. An angel sent from heaven. She is so excited to get baptized this Saturday!!! She is such an answer to all of my prayers. She learned the Plan of Salvation this week and cried through the whole thing. "There really is hope!" She loves the Temple and can’t believe she will actually be worthy to go in. She has shown me how wonderful it is to be worthy of such amazing blessings. She shares everything she learns with her family and friends. She just gets it and Heavenly Father really has been preparing her. Keep her in your prayers. Faith can make anything, because Christ is our faith!!!!!

I love you all. Wish me luck, last week and plan on coming home with nothing left to give!
xoxo Every day is a good day when you dedicate it to Him:))
Sister Carr


This week was proof there is a God above who sees US! I prayed so hard this week for just someone to teach. I knelt down and truly begged. I have two weeks left. Someone had to be found this week in order for me to be able to teach everything and prepare them for baptism. I have never worked so hard on my mission. We knocked more than I have ever knocked, we asked everyone to come closer to Christ that we could see. Then on Thursday we get a call from a member that I had talked to on last Sunday about a woman she works with. She said come to my work place tomorrow at 2, she is ready to take the lessons. We then went and met her that Friday. I have never met a woman so prepared to feel HOPE. She had been told that she was going to hell by another faith and we told her we don’t believe in a hell. We then just told her she has a Father in Heaven who loves her, and He has no intent to lose her. He wants her back so badly and He will do anything to hold her again. She then said, "Okay, lets get me baptized now!" We put her on date for the 12th, which is my last Saturday as a missionary. I love her and I love my Father in Heaven. I know this work is not about me, but He loves me. There is always Hope. He won’t quit on us so what gives us the right to quit on Him. The world tells us if we do not perfectly see it right now we need to just quit and move on. Well, wouldn’t that suck if God and Christ had that same perspective of us? But they don’t and that’s that. All they ask is that we be obedient and that’s just so He can give us even more Hope. Just keep going, because that’s what He is doing for us.
Romans 8:24
For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?

Also making Pumpkin Pie during weekly planning because you have a full freak out about it being week 5 of the transfer already, makes you happy. I am not handling this going home thing well.

I love you all! Stay classy.

Funny quotes from the week:

  • candy makes you look like a blimp
  • I’m a pew warmer.
  • The reason why there are no dinosaurs is because I played to hard.
  • Killstroy (kill and destroy)
  • Cudorable (cute and adorable)
  • awesomazing (awesome and amazing)

Also we passed a puddle and I pointed out pin worms to Stephens and explained what that they do and ever since then it has just become our strange inside joke whenever we touched each other to yell "Ahh, Now I have your pin worms." Good times.

We survived!!

monday: packingTuesday: Emergency transfer, I get Stephens!!!!
Wednesday: My final interview with President to go home…
Thursday: Stressful planning and realizing we both know nothing.
Friday: Exchanges
Saturday: Trips all over the mission and not being home at all.
Sunday: Sabbath day is a stressful day. But it was great.

Me: You interrupted me.
Stephens: I know I’m the worst.
CD we are listening to: What can you do to prevent less contention?
Me: What are you going to do Stephens?
Stephens: (In kitchen shouts) Interrupt less.
Us: hahahahhahah

Everything that comes out of our mouth: sarcastic.

Me: (praying before bed last night) Thank you for this day what should I think about before bed.
God: Maybe your seminary lesson you agreed to teach tomorrow that you completely forgot about…
Me: SHOOT!!!! (I did it though this morning at 6:15 like a pro)

All in all, I am in love with my FINAL companion and ready to finish strong. I love you all. I have been reading the war chapters in Alma and I am very happy. Keep praying and preparing.
Sister Carr

  • bug #1
  • US in one picture
  • pizza
  • cat
  • broken tub
  • scarf faces
  • I prayed holding Praying-mantis. Life is good.