Halloween, one week left, and castrated pigs!

Halloween we went adventuring at an outlet mall and found this picture and decided to make our own squad picture!

It was quite successful I think!
We then went over to a member later that week and I got to hold so many kittens!! One kept kissing me on the nose:))))

My final District meeting! I love this crew and am going to miss Missionary meetings…

My beautiful companion and I in front of Mount Ranier!! This is such a beautiful land:)

I castrated a PIG!! Yes I did it. And I gave a couple of them shots. I can be a farmer girl. I got covered in mud and smelt so nasty!!!! We had to use bleach to get it off!

Update on Linda: She is amazing. An angel sent from heaven. She is so excited to get baptized this Saturday!!! She is such an answer to all of my prayers. She learned the Plan of Salvation this week and cried through the whole thing. "There really is hope!" She loves the Temple and can’t believe she will actually be worthy to go in. She has shown me how wonderful it is to be worthy of such amazing blessings. She shares everything she learns with her family and friends. She just gets it and Heavenly Father really has been preparing her. Keep her in your prayers. Faith can make anything, because Christ is our faith!!!!!

I love you all. Wish me luck, last week and plan on coming home with nothing left to give!
xoxo Every day is a good day when you dedicate it to Him:))
Sister Carr

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