This week was proof there is a God above who sees US! I prayed so hard this week for just someone to teach. I knelt down and truly begged. I have two weeks left. Someone had to be found this week in order for me to be able to teach everything and prepare them for baptism. I have never worked so hard on my mission. We knocked more than I have ever knocked, we asked everyone to come closer to Christ that we could see. Then on Thursday we get a call from a member that I had talked to on last Sunday about a woman she works with. She said come to my work place tomorrow at 2, she is ready to take the lessons. We then went and met her that Friday. I have never met a woman so prepared to feel HOPE. She had been told that she was going to hell by another faith and we told her we don’t believe in a hell. We then just told her she has a Father in Heaven who loves her, and He has no intent to lose her. He wants her back so badly and He will do anything to hold her again. She then said, "Okay, lets get me baptized now!" We put her on date for the 12th, which is my last Saturday as a missionary. I love her and I love my Father in Heaven. I know this work is not about me, but He loves me. There is always Hope. He won’t quit on us so what gives us the right to quit on Him. The world tells us if we do not perfectly see it right now we need to just quit and move on. Well, wouldn’t that suck if God and Christ had that same perspective of us? But they don’t and that’s that. All they ask is that we be obedient and that’s just so He can give us even more Hope. Just keep going, because that’s what He is doing for us.
Romans 8:24
For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?

Also making Pumpkin Pie during weekly planning because you have a full freak out about it being week 5 of the transfer already, makes you happy. I am not handling this going home thing well.

I love you all! Stay classy.

Funny quotes from the week:

  • candy makes you look like a blimp
  • I’m a pew warmer.
  • The reason why there are no dinosaurs is because I played to hard.
  • Killstroy (kill and destroy)
  • Cudorable (cute and adorable)
  • awesomazing (awesome and amazing)

Also we passed a puddle and I pointed out pin worms to Stephens and explained what that they do and ever since then it has just become our strange inside joke whenever we touched each other to yell "Ahh, Now I have your pin worms." Good times.

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