We survived!!

monday: packingTuesday: Emergency transfer, I get Stephens!!!!
Wednesday: My final interview with President to go home…
Thursday: Stressful planning and realizing we both know nothing.
Friday: Exchanges
Saturday: Trips all over the mission and not being home at all.
Sunday: Sabbath day is a stressful day. But it was great.

Me: You interrupted me.
Stephens: I know I’m the worst.
CD we are listening to: What can you do to prevent less contention?
Me: What are you going to do Stephens?
Stephens: (In kitchen shouts) Interrupt less.
Us: hahahahhahah

Everything that comes out of our mouth: sarcastic.

Me: (praying before bed last night) Thank you for this day what should I think about before bed.
God: Maybe your seminary lesson you agreed to teach tomorrow that you completely forgot about…
Me: SHOOT!!!! (I did it though this morning at 6:15 like a pro)

All in all, I am in love with my FINAL companion and ready to finish strong. I love you all. I have been reading the war chapters in Alma and I am very happy. Keep praying and preparing.
Sister Carr

  • bug #1
  • US in one picture
  • pizza
  • cat
  • broken tub
  • scarf faces
  • I prayed holding Praying-mantis. Life is good.

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