Yup…plot twist round who knows how many at this point

So this week took a turn for the interesting. Sister Brinkerhoff has been super sick these past two weeks and I finally forced her to go to the Doctors. She has had an infection in her tow for 9 weeks now and it has officially spread to the rest of her body. She is having to go home and take care of it. So…I am getting a new companion, Sister Stephens, and taking over the area already. Four weeks left on the mission and still never know what God is thinking. Maybe in the next life I will be more in tune with Him. But we keep moving forward, right? Something like that.

Me: Why do people always assume that I would do the bad thing?
Brink: (just looks at me)
Me: I can be innocent!!!
Brink and me:………………hahahahhahahahahhahahha
Brinik: I think that was the funniest thing you’ve said all transfer.

Everybody: What if they have to amputate your toe?
Me: Not helping!!!!!!
Brink: (freak out face)

Hughes: What am I burnt rubber….wait, what do you say Carr?
Me: You mean chopped liver?
Hughes: There it is!

Psalms 34:3-5
I love you all. Remember to be happy:)
Sister Carr

  • How I feel about MyPlan…and end of mission projects.
  • MOUNTAINS!!! Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier.
  • US!
  • MY LITTLE RUSSIAN HUGHES!! I was having withdrawals from not being with her.
  • Our little crew.

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