Trees and Rain

You know when you say "I have served in super boonie areas." and God proves His sense of humor and says "No, now you are serving in the boonies."? Well that happened. It is so beautiful here, I can’t even complain. The ward is great, they all are funny back woods people. I am really happy to be finishing up here.
Funny moment from this week:
Me: (eating cereal in the kitchen) I wish I was a ballerina.
Brinkerhoff: We may not all be ballerina’s, but we are all on point when we are with Christ.
Me: (gags into my cereal)
Brink: Hey!

Us at every members house:
Member: How long have you been out?
Me: A little over a year.
Member: That’s not too bad.
Brink: she is done in 6 weeks.
Me: -_-

Brink: What’s the weather like.
Me:plot twist…it’s still raining.

Not much more to update. I am having to do this My Plan thing before I finish my mission that makes me acknowledge every day that I am almost done, so that’s fun. All good things.
Gospel is true, God loves us, and be good.
Carpe Diem.
Sister Carr

  • straight up offended…
  • shot out to my best friend over in Wisconsin!
  • We are wet.
  • my very bruised foot/stay strong tan line. My broken toe on the other foot is black, but I didn’t feel like posting that.
  • Knocking some trees…everyday!
  • ME

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