Ocean, Conference, Last transfer call, and the ENDLESS hike.

This week bullet pointed because I have no time:

  • Went to Ocean Shores #cheesyjumpingpictures #ofcourse
  • Worked to death…no results but a lot of faith growing happened.
  • General Conference Changed my life.
  1. Pray not only with real intent, but with the obedience to do His will even if it seems like it is not a good idea.
  2. Trust in Him.
  3. Have JOY 2 Nephi 2:25
  4. Be healed by Him 3 Nephi 9:13-14
  5. His love is everlasting.
  6. Drink Diet Coke
  7. Know the Gospel and if you don’t get something, take a breather and remember what you do know.
  8. Believe not only in Jesus Christ, but believe Him!
  • Got my transfer call. I am heading to the very bottom of the mission in the Mountain View ward in Centralia. I have another crazy large area with lots of trees. But only one ward this time. My new companion is Sister Brinkerhoff.
  • Broke the Toilet. All three of us some how helped break it…
  • Lots of melt downs because I am in denial that I am going into my last transfer, last 6 weeks.The lotion attacked be during one of them…
  • Then the longest Hike of a life time. I lived. That’s a positive. :)) But I did make it all the way to the top!

The only other thing I have to add is my witness and love for a divine savior, my lord and redeemer, Jesus Christ. And I am adding a song because my words never seem to put it quite the way music can. I love you and remember who loves you more, He is your Father! We love Him because He first loved us.

  1. 1. There is a green hill far away,
    Without a city wall,
    Where the dear Lord was crucified,
    Who died to save us all.
  2. 2. We may not know, we cannot tell,
    What pains he had to bear,
    But we believe it was for us
    He hung and suffered there.
  3. 3. There was no other good enough
    To pay the price of sin.
    He only could unlock the gate
    Of heav’n and let us in.
  4. 4. Oh, dearly, dearly has he loved!
    And we must love him too,
    And trust in his redeeming blood,
    And try his works to do.
  5. Sister Carr

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