Stupid choices CAN still lead to Miracle…don’t limit God.

This week in one word? Humbling. My rib was having a time of its life being jammed. My cold only got worse to the point that I actually fully lost my voice (which you can imagine is a little inconvenient as a missionary, especially when you are on exchanges and suppose to be setting an example…) No sleep because it hurt to lay down, and sit, and stand. And we got antied and yelled at more this week than I have in a very long time. And I got another shot in the butt. BUT I did learn something! It’s like everything happens for a reason, or something like that. I got a blessing and it said I was not being as diligent as I was before. And I was like, "Well obviously!!!! I can’t breathe without getting stabbed by my own body!" I was so confused. Then while watching the amazing women’s conference it hit me what that meant. I am trying to do this on my own. I think I am strong enough to handle any of my life on my own. I use to be worlds better at giving it to Christ and trusting that His will is good. I think my will is better right now. I want to be healed right now. I want to be teaching people right now. I want to be baptizing right now. I want my family situation to be fixed right now. I am forgetting that faith doesn’t grow after the trial it grows during the trial.
SO then after I come to this conclusion I still had a very long Sunday, but I was so much more at peace. I was still lacking from sleep, my rib still was enjoying murdering me, my cold still provided me with plenty of embarrassing snot moments or loud coughs in the middle of very spiritual moments, and I still worried. But I knew I didn’t have control, so I spent the whole day just hoping and trusting and knowing that at least someone a lot greater had control. Then in the middle of a member inspire I, out of habit and sheer stupidity, twisted to crack my back. Which usually resulted in a lot of pain and awkward noises. But this time there was a loud pop, moment of pain, and then immediate relief!
Me: (looks at sister Hughes) AHHH AHHH AHH
Hughes: (gives me a odd look because she is sharing a thought with the members)
Me: (Looks at the members with crazy eyes) Sorry I just…I uhhh… (Why I didn’t just tell them I have no idea.)
We leave.
Me: (screams and attacks Hughes with a giant huge, which is her favorite thing considering she hates any form of physical touch.) I HAVE BEEN HEALED!!! It’s back in place!!!!
Hughes: What?!?!?! Your rib???
Me: YESSSS!!! (proceeds to do everything and then add "no pain!")
So in much better words than my own:

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

I love you all, and remember c’est la vie.

Sister Carr

  • Sister Sister
  • Sister Kama’s last exchange
  • Cake in a mug (or bowl because we are rebels)
  • To much fun with a pen
  • Last planner….
  • Sister Hughes every day. (She is an old woman)
  • We ran out of tissues so I lowered to the level of whatever paper I could find in the car….

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