Shot in the Butt…

This week was crazy! Two exchanges a jammed rib and now a cold…it was fun.

Me: (trying to convince Sister Hughes to wear more flattering clothing and show off her figure more.)
Me: Sit down on this bed and talk to me!
Hughes: Why?
Me: Just do it!
Hughes: (comes over and jumps to sit on the bed. The bed rejects her and she does basically a full back flip and hits the ground.)
Us: hahahahhahahahaha
Hughes:(gently sits down) Now that I’m broken what do you need.
Me: (a long pointless lecture about being more girly)
Hughes: That’s it! I’m just gonna go scandalous.

Hughes: there was a stair grand case.
Me: hahahah What?
Hughes a stair grand case.
Me: you mean a grand stair case.
Literally every day she says something like this.

A sign I saw, "I’m not fat, I’m just short for my weight."

Sister Hughes: You have a very raw personality.
Me: I’m uncooked.
Hughes: No! You know what I mean.

Highlight from the week: I had a dream that I hurt my back and was very pregnant and I kept waking up and falling asleep and the dream just kept going. Then I woke up Sunday morning after the dream with the worst pain in my back I could hardly breathe, walk, talk, or sit. And we had to go to church and do all of that and hug and shake people hands. I broke out crying in the middle of the meeting so a member pulled out the Chiropractor in the ward and he took me to his office and he thinks I have a jammed rib. So he did his best to work on it. Then this morning I woke up still dying, so I went to his wife who is a doctor and had to get three numbing shots and a shot in the butt to make the pain stop so my body could relax so that the rib would go back in place. I feel better now because I can’t feel anything. Now we wait for it to fix itself and see the doctor again. God loves me and provided such wonderful people to take care of me right on the spot. I also caught a super fun cold. So I am coughing with a jammed rib…My patients is being tested. At least I’m not pregnant.

Scripture of the week: Alma 33 How to obtain faith. It really is in our afflictions. I love you all, keep smiling and don’t forget to smell the roses.
Sister Carr

  • Exchange #1 Sister Redenbaugh:)
  • Short People Problems
  • Running in the rain after a pen war!
  • Exchange #2 with Sister Brinkerhoff
  • We love each other!
  • When I go to drive after Sister Hughes drives. #Awkward

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