“I’m so tire” -Every Missionary

I don’t remember a lot of this past week. I know it was a really good week. I am just super tired I don’t even want to email to be honest. All missionaries get that. But we did have an amazing miracle this week!!We have been teaching a guy named Warren and this week we went and wouldn’t leave until he prayed. After a lot of awkward he said a truly heart felt prayer and the spirit was so strong. He then came to church on Sunday and loved it! He is on date to be baptized for the 24th of September. This area has been struggling a little bit to get going but now we are seeing the fruit from our labors. We worked so hard this last week too. We knocked and street contacted for pretty much two days straight. We discovered this lake in our area that a ton of people go walking at! I love finding new spots.
Sorry this weeks isn’t as hilarious, I promise a lot of funny happened but it was more like in the moment stuff. Like me peeing in the woods and then Sister Hughes disappearing and me freaking out, because we just got lectured a ton to stay within sight and sound. Turns out she was right next to me just had stepped behind a tree.
Also Hughes saying "I think I have dementia" every day.
I love you all, don’t forget to pray. Heavenly Father already knows, but He still loves to hear from you:)
Sister Carr

  • #hipster
  • A whole pizza I folded in half and ate:)
  • I was squatting a ton!
  • I am so bad at pictures…I really tried
  • I think there’s a height difference?
  • This cat hated me.
  • But this chicken loved me!

One thought on ““I’m so tire” -Every Missionary

  1. Kay Cory says:

    Well your family sure is proud of you especially Emma. She talks about you all the time. You are an example to your family and I have enjoyed hearing about your beautiful mission.


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