I don’t even know how to title this week. Ridiculous.

Hughes: (in Sacrament) Why didn’t you tell me I had something in my nose?Me: Because nobody can see up your nose, they are always looking down.
Hughes: (gives me a very painful horse bite on my inner thigh)
Me: (Holds in scream and just bends over and dies.)

Hughes: (goes up and bears her testimony…it was great.)
A very awkward member guy: (walks up after her) I would just like to say I know a very beautiful Russian girl with beautiful eyes and hair. She is great. Amen. (walks off)
Hughes: (sinks in her chair)
Me: hahahahahhahahahahahah

Sunday night after a very loooong day…
Hughes: (on toilet for a very long time)
Me: (sees the water balloons and gets a horrible idea)
Hughes: (no idea whats coming)
Me: (Chucks a water balloon at her and soaks her)
Turns into a major water fight and in the words of Hughes "Now we can clean our apartment!!"
Me: Seriously?

Hughes: (on the toilet….again. I thought I used the toilet a lot.) Saying the nightly prayer.
Me: (remembers the popper things left over from the 4th of July) Gets up while she is praying and gets one (I was listening still)
Hughes: Amen
Me: (Chucks the popper at her and it explodes)
Me: (It back fires and hits me in the leg and it bruised me so badly I thought I was going to lose my leg) I’ve been shot!!!!!!
Hughes: hahahaha That’s what you get!

7 Year old gets up to bear his testimony: Heavenly Father loves everyone!! Everyone! He doesn’t hate one person! He’s pretty nice.

To sum up this week it was crazy and wonderful and full of surprises. If being companions with Sister Hughes has taught me one thing, in this wonderful land of Elma, it is that Heavenly Father does love us. Her and I could not be more opposite, but one thing we do have in common, that makes us perfect for each other, is we know how to laugh through it all and we can’t seem to ever get bored with each other. The work may be slow, the world may be against us, but we are here for each other and all the other people God has blessed us to work with. And we do it in our own way, which means we laugh and insult each other way too much.
Also, the 12 step program is the cure for anything. (That’s all Sister Hughes and I talk about. Random, I know.)
Don’t forget Heavenly Father doesn’t hate anyone, even a child can understand that. I love you all.
Sister Carr

  • Rain!!!
  • I swear I was getting something out of PMG
  • Exchange with a New Zealander (I am surrounded by foreign, and then there’s Utah…)
  • Awkward selfie #1
  • Awkward selfie #25
  • Water fight!!!!
  • We got wet:)

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