She may be short, but her punch hurts…

There is one story that perfectly sums up how this transfer is going so far…Me: (Says a short joke while driving to Lacey to meet a General Authority)
Hughes: (Hits me in the head with her water bottle) Why are you so abusive?
Me: You just hit me with the water bottle!
Hughes: I don’t see your point (in a Russian accent she claims to not have)
We then laugh while hard core fake fighting. Then we went into the sisters apartment and tell them all this while we are cuddling in a chair because we can’t even be two feet away from each other. We love each other way too much already. This is going to be a fantastic transfer!!
We got to meet Elder Uceda and Elder Clayton and I absolutely love and adore them both. They really are two of the most humble and sweet men I have ever met. They really focused on who we are and what our purpose actually is. And how important it is to remember that we are the Lord’s investigators. They then focused on how we need to do less talking when we teach and bring it out of them. Also that teaching in Greek means "to make disciples." My purpose is to make disciples of all those that I come in contact with. We all need to be followers of Christ not tellers.

Also one more thing about Sister Hughes, she may be only 4’10" but her burps can be heard from a mile away…she kills me, she is so funny. I love her and I love this area and I love God.
Sister Carr

  • Cats
  • Slight height difference
  • she lost a bet
  • Me chasing chickens
  • Brushing teeth while being so tired we both were sitting down
  • Her steeling my camera and taking pictures of me in bed…

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