Transfer Plot Twist

How transfer calls went:Me: (not knowing it was President calling) This is the sisters (Super monotone.)
President: Hey Sisters!!
Me: (internal freak out) Hey president…!!
President: (says some inspiring and loving stuff) Sister Thurber your going to Minter Creek with Sister Carlson.
Us: (way confused because she has only been here a transfer and I have been here two)
President: Sister Carr you are staying and getting Sister Hughs
Me: (holds in total freak out because she has been my dream companion for ever and was my first exchange as an STL and now will probably be my last STL companion!!!) Oh…
President: Keep giving your all! Love you bye.
Us:Love you too, bye………………………..

Just thought I would let you all see how it all actually went down. I am so excited for these last two transfers though. Sister Hughs is one of the most amazing missionaries in the Wa-Tac and I am so ready to work till I die.
This week was a slower week, but miracles are on their way.
I gave a talk on Sunday about preparing in this life and it was one of my favorite talks I have ever given. I just focused on the sacrament prayers and how that is the answer.
Not much more to update, just very happy:)) I get to stay here in the wonderful land of Elma, Monte, Mcleary, etc. (we cover a lot of ground.)
Have a wonderful week, I love you all!
Hermana Carr (Because I still am dreaming about randomly becoming a spanish speaking sister)

  • My shoes compared to what they use to look like
  • Sisters trip to Olympia
  • It was 104 degrees outside….It sucked
  • The District we loved each other lol
  • Horses and my fro
  • Us:) Yes we did match because we are in love and rebelling against being separated!

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