“I’m Going on an Adventure.”

We had so much fun this week!

  • We saw baby birds
  • We weekly planned at a cute Coffee Shop and had the best Hot Chocolate of our entire life!
  • Held a cat, like always.
  • Went on exchanges with a Philippino
  • Painted a dog house
  • I am a giant…
  • Found a river while knocking that we decided to hike down to.
  • Alpaca

This week I get to be with my Sister Kama again. It has been almost a year since we have been companions. I love her and am soooo excited. Also the work is finally starting up here in Elma and we have a couple of new people we are going to start working with. We are hopeful:) There is always good around the corner, we just have to make it around the corner. Just keep swimming.
Oh and we also had the best Plan of Salvation of my entire life!! It was high pressure because it was in front of a ton of really amazing members, so we decided to just turn it into a discussion and all we had to do is lead the discussion. I love how inspired the church is with there new way of how to teach. We had just learned about it and did it and it works! Follow the Prophet, he truly is a man of God.
Love you all.
Sister Carr

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