18 July, 2016 10:24

This week was so wonderful. I got Sister Thurber on Tuesday and then we got to work:) We worked like crazy this week and laughed and cried and pretending to be super hero’s and so much more. We have dreamed about being companions our entire missions and it has just been the best thing ever!!! She has become such an amazing missionary and has changed in the best ways. Not that she ever was less than perfect. I just really love her and we are making the greatest memories. This week was full of anxiety taking over the areas but it all went smoothly and now we are getting ready for our first exchange this week. I am excited for this transfer and to enjoy every day:)
Also don’t take two Ibuprofen pm. I got a major kinked neck and was desperate for relief and sleep, but the problem is I couldn’t wake up till like 11 the next day. Not okay. Oops.
Sister Thurber and I also pretended to be super hero’s one night when I found water proof socks. We made videos. My name was Sister Super Hero and she was Sin Villain. We are pretty epic.
Work is slow right now in our area but we are out searching so we are bound to find someone looking for the Savior.
Remember the story of Abinidi. He died for what he knew to be true and only ever saw one person be touched. And that one person was being chased to be killed. But then Alma, that one person, converted 425 people in just the next couple of chapters. And we still to this day are being affected by what Abinidi did for us. Don’t underestimate your influence, and never give up.
I love you all.
Sister Carr

  • Flour and water war with the zone
  • Rose and I in our Muslim Dresses from this Muslim lady we met.
  • Cut Thurber’s hair on the first night together.
  • Blackberry’s for days
  • Mexican food everyday!
  • Car Show, we talked to so many people!
  • Super Heros!!


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