Rose is Gone, But Thurber is On!!!

Fourth of July was wonderful. I napped for four and a half hours and then we watched Meet the Mormons at a members house. It was wonderful to just have a break. We didn’t talk to anyone. We did get these crazy popper things from our favorite member that we keep pranking people with. 1) We put it on our toilet seat for when our sisters came over for an exchange. Poor sister Carlson sat and it was so loud. hahahah.
2) We brought it to zone meeting and attacked the AP’s and ZL’s as they walked out of the church. They about wet themselves. Then we got Elder Solorzano to smash one on his head. He got a pretty epic war wound.
3) Then while we were studying one morning, I was super tired and wasn’t getting anything out of studies and Rose was having a wonderful study. So I got jealous and threw one on her desk and almost gave her a heart attack.
4) And the best one was this morning. We are both dead tired from staying up and packing all night and we are not happy we are getting separated, so it was kind of a quite somber morning. But I got this brilliant idea to prank Rose while she was in the shower. I made a video like I was in a safari and then scared her while she was showering. She’s gonna miss me!
I am so excited for this transfer though. I am getting my wonderful, beautiful, pretty much perfect, MTC companion as a companion. We have been waiting our who missions for this moment!!! I love her so much and I know it is going to be just amazing. Get ready for a lot more stories, adventures are coming.
I can’t believe I am going into my third to last transfer. This is going too fast and I don’t like that. But right now I am just focusing on enjoying right now. I got asked this week where my favorite place is that I have ever lived, and I said right here right now. Our favorite place must be where you are because that is where you are meant to be. Enjoy the little things and don’t forget to breathe.
Sister Carr

  • drinking prune juice in bed.
  • She insisted on painting my nails even though she was half asleep.
  • Best zone ever!!!!
  • Hiding in the beds on exchanges with beautiful Romney.
  • Getting soaking wet while knocking in the boonies.
  • We also live in our car….emergency exchange problems.
  • Cheesy Transfer Picture




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