Hit the Road Jack.

So this week I am just going to bullet point it. Lets just say we maybe spent three days working in our area:

  • Ocean Shores as the Four Amigos
  • Went and got my wrist checked out, not broken!
  • Drove to Tenino for no reason…accidentally had a bad address.
  • Went to Lacey to have interviews and then had to make it back to our District meeting. only 15 minutes, Tiwi did yell a lot at me.
  • We both got super sick.
  • We burnt blazors to celebrate my 14 month mark and Rose’s 10 month mark!
  • Had to shower at the church because our shower and sink broke and wouldn’t drain.
  • Drove to Tacoma Thursday to see my counselor, told me I was normal. Just was going through a lot and have major anxiety due to my mission being so crazy and nearing the end. I don’t need to be medicated just need to realize I have been through a lot.
  • Knocked with my Baby Sister Peters.
  • Ate McDonald’s in a random church parking lot. Sister Rose "Some people eat to live, I live to eat." Me "You read that off of something." Rose "Yup." Laughed till we cried.
  • Slept over in Tacoma.
  • Had Our MIssion Leadership Counsel. Very inspiring and wonderful. We also learned how to do stretches in the middle of the meeting.
  • Went to Chick-Fil-A
  • Knocked with some of our other Sisters.
  • Saturday we worked our butts off and almost died from exhaustion.
  • I fixed the drains that night. It was hair from who knows how many sisters back. Poor Rose almost threw up as I was pulling it all out.
  • Sunday we were at church all day and then got to go to a Fire Side in Lacey. I saw so many people I love in Olympia and was on top of the world.
  • We then had Sonic for breakfast after spending the night in Lacey.
  • And the one picture of me in bed is when I was so tired I decided to brush my teeth in bed…lol.

It was one of the craziest and best weeks of my mission. I love my life. As hard as it gets and I seem to just keep getting more and more tired, it is worth it. See so many people I loved made me overwhelmed with joy. Happiness is an eternal concept, we just keep working on it. I love you all, and pray your week was as exciting as mine. Happy 4th of July!!:))

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