West Port and Zions Camp

This week was full of adventures. For P-Day we went to West Port and played in the ocean and got matching hats and shirts. I also got so sunburned I looked like a glowing tomato, it was a nightmare. We also got to ride on a bus to get there and back and had to awkwardly sit next to two people making out…we survived looking like innocent children who had never seen anything like that before. It was hilarious. Then on Friday we went to Zions Camp and learned the ropes course so that we can run it this week. I was the last one to try and get over the wall. There was no one to push me up I just had to jump and jump and jump. I didn’t make it over but I didn’t quit either until they said to stop. Then I really saw how much that related to my life right now. I have been struggling with my depression and just feeling like I can’t reach anything I want to achieve. But then I realized, sometimes it’s not about actually accomplishing the goal but the desire and diligent work. I am trying to get over this and the things that have truly hurt me in the past, but now I just need to stop and walk away. It’s not quitting, but doing what I can and knowing that Christ in the end is the only one who can get us over the wall. We are not meant to just keep jumping by ourselves, but to be lifted after we have tried our best. Just keep trying and know that in all things Christ is there. It is okay to not be okay.
I also had a realization this week. The Book of Mormon is said to be the Key Stone of our religion, it is what holds everything together. If it falls, so does everything else. I believe it to also be the Key Stone of our relationships with those we love. The only reason I know half the people I love is because of that book, and the only reason I am hear is because that book brought my parents together. I love it with every part of me and it is the only thing that gets me out of my funk. Prayer and scripture study is the only way we stay functioning in the world we live in now. Don’t miss a day.
I love you all, stay real.
Sister Carr

My epic walking on the beach.
The docks for days.
Bags on our heads because we got caught in the rain without our rain jackets.

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