Elma Giants

My new companion, Sister Rosenvall (AKA Rose), is one of my favorite humans!!! She is 5′ 10" and has super curly hair as well. We laughed and got sunburned so much this week. Funny story, we were dancing in the car right before we had to go in that night and I looked out the window and saw three little girls staring and laughing at us. Rose was doing this weird punching thing and looked at me and thought I was laughing at her. I pointed out the window and she saw the girls, turned and looked at me and just screamed. Hahaha. It was priceless. We also got to work way hard this week in 90 degree weather. We made almost all of the goals we had set for the week, even though we are the boonies. We see more cows then humans sometimes. I love it down here, but taking on two wards again has felt a little over whelming. I just have to slow down and not feel like I need to have everything memorized right now. Rose and I figured out the bus route down here and now we get to go to the beach every Monday, our life is practically perfect. We get to go to the Portland, Oregon Temple this Saturday with our recent convert here and we can’t handle how excited we are!! We have been helping her with her Family History this week and it has been the best. I love Family History and finding new connection to people in the past who have gotten me to where I am today. I know that, that work is never done. There is always someone new to find. Just like in missionary work, there is always one door that hasn’t been knocked.
This week I really focused on finding out what it means to be a Child of God and have found it to be the most peaceful study. The knowledge that there is a Father in Heaven is so simple but profound. Just reading the Book Of Mormon with that on my mind has opened up a whole new world to me. When you go looking for something, God doesn’t make it to hard to find if you are willing to seek.
Not much more to update. Love my new area, love my new companion, work is slow but we can pick it up, it’s hot but that just means hawt tans, and our sisters are awesome. This transfer is going to be a good one.
Love you all. C’est la vie.
Sister Carr

One thought on “Elma Giants

  1. Kay Cory says:

    I love both of your curly hair. I am so happy that you are making the most of each transfer and finding joy in the partners you area assigned. Congrats on the convert and have a spiritual moment (many) at the Temple.


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