Temple Trip and Exchanges into the past!

This week I had the opportunity to go to the temple and it was wonderful. I really got to see how much I do not know and have to learn, but I have faith that one day more will be revealed unto me. One things I have been struggling with is doubts and fear of the unknown. But I got a blessing one it really started to get hard and God told me to focus on the little this and read the scriptures and focus on what He thinks of me. So I was reading Jacob 5 and I changed it to being about me. I am the Vineyard and the Olive trees. The Lord is Heavenly Father, and the Servant is Jesus Christ. If you read that chapter that way there is no way you can doubt the love of your Creator. My doubts go a lot deeper than just whether or not God loves me but that doesn’t mean I will give up. If we but desire to have faith He can work with that. I will forever be faithful, but that doesn’t mean the road will be easy. Don’t not let the doubts that come into your hearts win, let your heart be filled with the peace on the Savior can give. This week when I was having a really bad day I saw a sister had a little journal she was writing notes in and all I thought is how nice that would be to have. Then I got a package from Sister Stirling, one of my past companions, and in it was a little note book. I then realized if God hears those little thoughts then how much more does He hear our pleading cries. Don’t give up, don’t turn away from what you know is good even if you struggle to feel it. Satan will want you to quit and turn away from the God who loves you, who yearns for you. Remember, just because you don’t know if He is there doesn’t mean He doesn’t know every hair on your head. He has never left your side, all you have to do is do as Peter did and reach out. His hand is already outstretched ready to grab you and save you. You are never too far for Him to catch you. This week I also got to go on exchanges with Sister Osborn!! I missed her so much and it was so wonderful to be back together again. Our friendship is for sure eternal. She is also still half my size…
I also got to go to a Musical Fireside for the first time in months! I love fire sides, singing with a ton of missionaries has a way of bringing much needed peace.
I love you all! My challenge this week is to read Jacob 5 out of the Book of Mormon a different way then you ever have before, it doesn’t have to be my way.
Sister Carr

One thought on “Temple Trip and Exchanges into the past!

  1. Kay cory says:

    What a great story and the inspiration you record inspired me. So love reading your post and watching you grow blessing, by blessing.


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