One Year in the Best State!!!

I can’t believe that I have been in Washington for a year now. I have loved every moment, even the hard times. I got to meet with my mission President this week on almost the exact same day that I met him last year when I came into the mission. When we were sitting there talking it hit me how much I have changed. I am not the same person and how grateful I am for that. I have not only been a witness of watching it change so many other people but I have also witnessed it personally. Read the Book of Mormon and know that nothing is too hard to face when you recognize that Jesus the Christ is right there beside you. Other than that. One of the girls I am over is having to go home early and that is what we have been having to take care of the past three days. So that’s been fun.
I also failed at trying to be flexible like my comp Skousen. She is just too talented for me.
Not much else to update, just keep praying!
Love you all.
Sister Carr
Super awk story but I have to share: while on exchanges Sister Albrechtsen and I were knocking and I may have let out a giant fart because we were in the woods and I though no one would be there…Then I looked up and saw a guy and his two kids looking at me…hahahaha. I died. We still talked to them…They weren’t interested.

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