One year….

So I finally stopped being lazy and added all of my past mission friends to my email, sorry I’m so slothful. But this week I don’t have much to update on. Sister Stirling’s migraine has only gotten worse and we are on day 11, we get to go to the doctors today though again and hopefully finish it up. But we did go on exchanges with Sister Pike and Sokoiwasa this week. I got Pike to ask at a door, "How much would could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would?" She did it and the guy managed to be deaf…tender mercy? We laughed so hard. I had to ditch Stirling off at a members for half of the day and Solo STL it. It was actually a lot of fun. As you can tell I am a very inspiring leader.
I also had a dream that Godzilla loved hockey and then caught us watching and starting to come after us and we kept run around the hockey rink finding different old watacies, that is mostly why I had to add you all to this email. Most of you were in my dream.
Love you all. Read the Book of Mormon.
Sister Carr

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