One Heck of a Week.

Transfers happened and I got Sister Stirling, little did I know she was going to become one of the best things to ever happen to me. Her and I are basically the same person, which means we have already caused some crazy mayhem. Let me just give some examples:-a dog went up my skirt right after Stirling asked me how I felt about dogs
-I ate pre-workout and it made me go crazy and I was so shaky and couldnt stop sweating. hahaha (you’re supposed to drink it but I just ate the powder)
-Stirling almost got bit my a little dog but I protected her by chasing after the dog with a tree branch.-I locked our keys in the clerks office at the church and we didnt realize it until we were outside the building looking for the keys. needless to say we were stuck at the church for 3+ hours. that was our 3rd day into the transfer. hahahah
-My birthday was on wednesday and it was the best day ever! we had such a good time together!
We have a super cool investigator named zachary! he is on date to be baptized may 27th and we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation and he just kept saying, "it all makes sense now!" it was so cool! He is so prepared!!

Let’s just say we are already way in love and we haven’t even been together for a whole week. I laughed so much I think I have Nephi abs at this point.
I also discovered what being a part of the House of Israel means: Being a part of the family that is strongly prevailing with God.
How did I discover this you ask? Study the definitions of everything and take into consideration that when it says there is a mansion being prepared in heaven for you that mansion means family not a place. So house would mean family too. 2 Nephi 5-6. Study it, don’t just read it and I promise you will find new meaning to family history work, the temple, and scripture study. I love you all. Don’t forget to pray.
Sister Carr

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