Tansfers…and I petted a Peacock

So this week we had dinner with a super rich family and they had pet peacocks that I got to pet. It was once in a life time opportunity and I will never be the same again. I also ate a plant that tastes like Candy. Also the heat has come. Here we go. I turn 20 this week on Wednesday! I can’t believe it. I remember where I was at a year ago and I am not the same person and I am so much more. I have changed for the better and happier then I ever was then. The beauty of Jesus Christ is I don’t have to be that person and I don’t have to stay forever this person. Always eternally progressing, and because He lived I can live better and more fully. I choose Christ and will all the rest of the years of my life. What better way to spend my birthday than in the service of my Lord.
One sad thing though is I lose my companion the day before my birthday. She is getting transferred to by with one of my old companions in Lacey and I am staying and getting Sister Stirling. This is her first time going STL so it’s going to be fun!
I am excited for a new transfer, it’s always hard to change and say good-bye, but it’s always good. God’s plan is perfect and good. Romans 12:2-3.
I love you all. Enjoy your week and don’t forget about reading the Book of Mormon!
Sister Carr
PS. Sister Betbeze and I had dolls painted like us by a member in our Easter Dresses. We are pretty cute.

One thought on “Tansfers…and I petted a Peacock

  1. Kay Cory says:

    What are your drinking, that is a huge smoothie. I want it. Maddie I hope you have a wonderful 20th birthday and you couldn’t be at a better place, spreading the Gospel. I am sure you are blessing all those around you. Sister Kay Cory. (Emma is in my beehive class and one of my favorite girls.)


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