Hello From the Outside.

This week flew by and yet last Monday feels like it was 10 years ago. Not a ton to update. We went on lots of adventures on Monday to celebrate Sister Betbeze’s birthday and took cheesy name tag pictures. We had a wonderful leadership training all about Faith and the importance and strengthening that power. We also went on exchanges twice again this week because we had to go on an emergency one.
We are really struggling to get this area to move forward and we don’t know what else to do. We are just learning patience and diligence. I know good will have to come.
I started the Book of Mormon challenge to read it during the time it was translated by Joseph Smith. April 7 to June 30th. I challenge you all to do it as well. I know this wonderful book to be the word of God and I will forever stand by it and I know only joy comes from it. I know it is through it that you can understand Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Stand tall and don’t be ashamedtotell all this truth. We knocked for four hours the other day and ended it by being yelled at by this lady about how we were foolish and stupid for following this faith. We ended up just having to walk away. I know it all to be true and I will take what ever for my Maker.
Psalms 23
I love you all.
Sister Carr

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