This week we have hope.

We had a really hard week this past week. We ended and looked like we had done nothing. Our numbers didn’t reflect what we went through this week and I learned something. We knocked and we tried our hardest this week to find people who just wanted to come closer to Jesus Christ. We faced personal trials along with it. Most of the days it was almost impossible to get out of bed just thinking about our day ahead. Help thou my unbelief was the theme of my prayers. We have to report our numbers for the week on Sunday night and they were the worst we have had all transfer. Our leaders were pretty obvious about their disappointment. But then when I was praying I remembered so many talks that were given at conference. Heavenly Father saw me. He saw what I had to go through this week, He saw how hard I fought and how hard I worked. He knows. He just asks me to not give up. Because of Jesus Christ my pains were felt not only by me. Elder Holland’s talk hit home for me. I have to embrace tomorrow. Today has already proven to be a miracle filled day. Today was the day my Sister Betbeze was born and she is one of my favorite people ever! And one of my dearest friends told me she is trying to get back into church which is a pray I am so overjoyed to see answered. The road home is not easy, but why would we want it to be. The person who comes out of all of this heart ache is happier than any sorrow we could ever go through. We have to face opposition because we can only know good if there is bad. So embrace the hard times and those super lonely moments because the person that comes out of it is someone we would have never imagined becoming. And when you don’t feel God’s "love" stop crying and go do something about it. Walk fast, work harder and show how much you want it. Because He will show His love in a way that is better than you could have ever asked for. Remember who you and who made you. God isn’t giving up and neither should you!Mosiah 14 and 2 Nephi 2.
I love you all but remember who loves you more.
Sister Carr 🙂

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