A Week of Exchanges!

Got to start off the week with my Sister Sokoiwasa from Fiji. We both just came from Olympia and got to talk about the good old days. Her and I became best friends back then and traveled up here together. She is so much fun and exciting. We were knocking and she really needed to pee, we managed to walk like a half a mile to just a bunch of abandoned cars, so she just squatted behind one of the cars. I had to take a picture. Haha. We also taught our investigator Brother Eichel and at the end of the lesson he just handed my a lizard. It was the coolest thing ever! We then went on exchanges with our sisters up in Sequim Bay. I ended up having to take Sister Philippi to the doctors while Sister Betbeze and Lee stayed and worked in the area. While we were at the doctors a funny thing happened…So back in September about I fell down the stairs and broke my wrist but I never went back to the Doctors because I didn’t want to have to deal with that. Then this last transfer I snapped it again while moving all of the suit cases and ever since it has been killing me. My companion keeps telling me to go to the doctors but I refuse. Then I ended up going with this other sister and the Doctor at the end turns to me and asks if I have anything for him…Yes he is an LDS doctor so he would be following the spirit and ask…I just ended up laughing super awkwardly and showed him. He then told me it was fractured and I need an X-Ray to see if I need surgery. God is so funny, and knows us too well. He knew I wouldn’t go by myself so He used one of my Sisters I’m over. Humbling, that’s all I can say. And today my hand is all sorts of fun colors, so expect an update next week.

This week had probably the funniest experience of my entire mission. We went to go check up on a potential investigator and she was crazy and hard core on drugs. But we still asked her if she would like to go to a baptism with us, she said yes. So we called one of our favorite members Sister Coston. She is this super sweet old woman but she can hold her ground so we thought she could handle Michelle. When we went to go pick her up she had a shirt on her head and asked if there would be cigarettes there. The whole car ride there kept pointing at random people and saying they were God. She also said she was Jesus’ mom. And she kept calling my Veronica. Also we did agree to move to China with her. But the best part was in the baptism, she turned around and said something super inappropriate and then ran out screaming "Praise the Lord Jesus!!!" We just sat there not knowing what to do. Then we ran after her and she was gone, so we went back and sat down and the member and us just busted out laughing. Then Michelle came back right at the end so we could drive her home. We still to this day don’t know where she went to to. Hahahaha. You had to be there to really see how funny it was. I love Bremerton, it feels like I am back in Tacoma a lot of the time.
Sorry the email is so long, it was just a very adventurous week. Love you all!
Sister Carr

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