VERY LONG WEEK, but we made it.

Betbeze and I had a really hard week, but we have become so close. We faced a lot of adversary this week but that just means something good is about to come. We knocked A LOT. But it was beautiful this week. I went knocking while we were on exchanges in a short sleeves!! Tender mercy. I also got offered during knocking to go to some weird band concert and ride in their way sketchy van. I said no and they then gave us two free CD’s…tender mercy? I also sketched a lot of evil queens in my planner this week. I think this STL thing is starting to get to my head.
We ate lunch on the beach. Washington is so beautiful.
We also were having a really rough Sunday, then our Ward Mission Leader got up and conducted the music and made us laugh so hard.
I also gave a talk on Sunday and am giving another talk this upcoming Sunday. I think I have officially beat that fear out of me. I was hardly nervous at all this last time. It was on my favorite topic though, personal revelation. And this upcoming one is on Christ and Easter, can’t really go wrong with that.
I love you all. Have a wonderful Easter.
Sister Carr

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