Week of Knocking in the Pouring Rain….

Every day, it rained and rained and rained. It was a huge test of faith this week to go back into the rain over and over again. But we made it. Last night, we had to take breaks and hide behind trucks so we wouldn’t get blown over. Our one ward, Seabeck, is just woods. There were so many trees down we kept having to dodge them and turn around. So we went to our other ward, Kitsap Lake, which is right up against the ocean so the winds were a nightmare. But we still knocked! It was crazy, but kind of fun. We got made fun of a lot. Then we had a meeting in the church with out power for two hours. This life man. I love it.Also, on a more spiritual side. I finished the Book of Mormon again today!!! It was eight months of wonderful revelation and I am so excited to start over again. I love God’s word and can’t get enough of it. I know this is Christ’s Church restored and I will declare that from the top of mountains, because we have those here too.
Sister Betbeze and I are still way in love, it’s kind of glorious. We even managed to match on accident one day. True love. Christ’s love.
I love you all. Stay spiritual.

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