My week with my Sista Cox!

Sorry there won’t be any pictures today due to the fact that my life is crazy and I forgot my camera at home. I am getting transferred tomorrow to be a Sister Training Leader in Kitsap with Sister Betbeze. I don’t know what President is thinking putting me over so many Sister Missionaries, not sure that is a good idea but I will trust in the Lord and do my best. This week was a lot of fun with Sister Cox, finishing up her training and just getting to know her. She is going to be an amazing missionary and I am so excited to see her grow. Now I get to go hang out with a ton of sisters and unrighteous dominion them. Just kidding! I hear it’s beautiful in Kitsap, but I am sad to leave Olympia again. I will probably be back though. Not much else to update, just got to get ready to go on a new adventure. I will send my address next week, because currently we don’t really have a place…awkward. Love you all. Don’t forget to study not just read your scriptures and get a study journal!! Sister Carr

One thought on “My week with my Sista Cox!

  1. Kay Cory says:

    Congratulations Sister Carr. I am sure that you are well qualified for your new role and will go great. You are an inspiration for your sisters. Keep up the good missionary work.


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