My boots got the boot…

Two boot stories for all of you! First one: We had a lesson drop while we were on splits so me and my member decided to go check up on another potential investigator. They weren’t home either. I then really needed to pee and we couldn’t go back to my apartment because only missionaries are allowed in the apartment. So we decided to go to the church. We saw a lady sitting under the patio of the church so we went over and talked to her. It was poring out obviously, it’s Washington. She asked if she had to leave and we told her no. We brought her into the church to go to the bathroom and get cleaned off. I saw her putting on her soaking wet shoes and felt the spirit prompt me to give her my rain boots, so I did. We also had this funny moment where she was crying and I still really needed to pee. So I told her and we ended up just dying of laughter. I ended up walking around in the rain in just my socks. Good times.
Second story:
I got our car stuck in the mud. So we had to call our YSA friend Yanni to come and help and he brought John our Branch Mission Leader. We still couldn’t get it out of the mud. And it was 9 at night, so we were panicking a little. So we called our zone leaders and they came and helped. We ended up having two guys hooked to rope on one end pulling. Me and two other guys on the other end pushing. And my very patient and loving companion in the car, pushing on the reverse. We finally got it out. But right at the end, to top it all off, I fell in the mud…I had to laugh.
Other then that this week was pretty average. I look forward to tons more miracle that I know are right around the corner.
Mormon 8 and Doctrine and Covenants 19. Read them together. I love you all.
Sister Carr

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