Goodbye Osborn, Hello Adams

This week was crazy! We had transfers on Tuesday and I love my new companion so much. I always love my old ones so much I don’t know how I could love another one, but I always do! She is from Idaho and just graduated from high school this year. She is the same height as me and is my first companion who is younger than me. She has only been out for two transfers so I am really excited to see how she grows, I can already tell she is a great missionary!So funny story of the week. We were at a recent convert lesson and we get a call towards the end from our other sisters here in Olympia. They had gotten into a major car accident. So we went to go check on them and Sister Sokoiwasa, who is from Fiji, was a mess. She I took her to the emergency room while the other sisters went and did work in an area they had never been in before and they are both new missionaries. I felt badly but I had to go take care of Sister Soko. So I spent the whole day translating when I don’t know Fijian or doctor talk. It was crazy we then had to go and get her medication. All is well she just has a lot of nerve and muscle shock. We then had to drive to Lakewood so President Blatter could see them. And then we went to Tacoma to get their new car. It was a crazy day.
I also gave a talk on Sunday about Christ-like attributes with mission experiences. It had to be 25 minutes long and I didn’t prepare at all. It actually went really well and I went the whole time. People laughed, they cried, It was good.
Love you all. I also really cool revelation about 4 Nephi 1:1-12 about sacrifice and change. Study it, pray about it. Stay close to God.

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