In ALL Week…..

So this week was transfers and my mission mom, Sister Rasmussen gave her final testimony. She goes home in two week now. How crazy is that?! When I came out she hadn’t even been out a whole year and now she is going home. It was just very weird and doesn’t feel like real life. I get to see her one last time before she goes home because of the Christmas party our mission is having. So my poor new companion, Sister Osborn, has kidney stones and they refuse to leave her body. She has been terribly sick all week and we have had to do one run to the Doctors Office. We have not been able to work at all this and have just been in our apartment…..I have gone insane. I know I shouldn’t complain because my companion is super sick, but I just want to work. This too shall pass (get it, because we are waiting for her kidney stones to pass.)
Two miracles happened this week though. Brandi from my last area got baptized on Saturday and I got to go back for the baptism and it was incredible! She is such an example to of acting on a mustard seed of faith. She is fearless and loves her Heavenly Father and Savior. I can’t wait to some day see her 5 year old daughter baptized. Being a part of a baptism is such a unique feeling and I am eternally grateful for the times that God has blessed me with them.
Also this week at church, which I have a ward and a branch that we are over, we had a miracle. This lady named Lisa just walked into church because her friend told her to check it out and she took a Book of Mormon and said she wanted to learn more. We basically just got handed the most amazing person to help.
Life is good other than I haven’t done much lately. Just keep Sister Osborn in your prayers.
The picture with Sister Osborn is her about to drink Lemon Juice to see if it will help. The extent we will go to get her better.
I love you all.
Sister Carr

One thought on “In ALL Week…..

  1. kay cory says:

    Well first congratulations on all of your successes. I have had Kidney stones and they are not fun. Hopefully your companion will soon recover and you can have an better week. Merry Christmas. PS. I love the drawing of the dragon. We had our Stake Conference two weeks ago and it was beautiful. We have our Christmas program this Sunday as every one else and I can’t wait.


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