Back to Olympia!?!

So transfers are today and they are sending me back to Olympia. This time I am in the YSA ward and family ward. My companion has only been out two transfers but I hear she is incredible. Her name is Sister Osborne and is maybe 5 feet tall. I am really excite to go but very sad to leave. I love Lincoln more than anything and am truly heart broken to leave. I have grown so much here and have really been able to witness amazing miracles here in the ghetto. I pray I will be able to come back before my mission ends. I am on my 6th transfer. That is just too weird. I am loving my mission more than anything. I am so sad to be leaving my baby Peters but I know she is going to do amazing things, she is such an incredible missionary. She will be follow up training a girl….which makes me a step grandma in the mission world….I had to say many good-byes the past couple of days but it has taught me a very sweet lesson. Good-bye really is never good-bye. Everyone we meet and get to know make up a part of us that only they could have given us. The people I have met here have forever changed me and I will always have a little bit of home in them. This gospel is incredible, it holds so much love and hope that I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be a part of it. It simply says that we can all return home together forever. And all I want is to be around these people who make up my home. But now I have to go find more of home and I can’t wait. So farewell Tacoma and may God be with you till we meet again.

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