Thanksgiving x 6

This past week was a ton of fun! We got a new investigator named Brandi who is an date to be baptized on the 12th which is so exciting! She came to church on Sunday and her and her daughter loved it. I just know it is so important to go to church and I love seeing the affect it has on peoples lives when they haven’t gone in a very long time or never have. There is a joyful peace that is there that you can’t find anywhere else. Thanksgiving day was crazy. We had dinners with 6 different families. We barely survived but I wouldn’t of had it any other way. The first two was good, we felt like we didn’t eat to much and we could do that all day. But after our third one we were really feeling it. We had to do a lot of praying and jumping jacks in between meals. But we always had room. It was the craziest miracle. Also that morning we got together with all of the sisters to play volleyball, because we weren’t allowed to play in the Turkey bowls. Instead it turned into a giant wrestling match. I did get second to last place and I did almost break my nose. Also funny story. My trainer, Sister Rasmussen, told me at the beginning of my mission that you had to wrestle on exchanges and I was always terrified of exchanges. Found out like a month ago, after nobody had wrestled me and I finally got the nerve to ask my STL if that was a thing that it WASN’T!!! I’m not bitter about it all.
Also yesterday for P-Day we got to go to the Mission Home and decorate it for Christmas and jam out to Christmas music. Yes Mariah Carrey did come on and Sister Blatter, our mission presidents wife, did not turn it off but let us dance like crazy to it. Prime moments in missionary life.
Other than that transfer calls are this Saturday and I am having a panic attack daily about it because I love how things are right now. So obviously I am being transferred.
I am very happy right now, I love Christmas. We have decorated at least four members homes and our own apartment.
I love you all and lets all remember what Christmas is really about. For a Savior is Born. look it up!
Love Sister Carr

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