Shay Got BAPTIZED!!!!!

This weekend was such an incredible weekend. We have been working with this girl named Shay who has just made such amazing changes in her life. She got baptized on Saturday and words cannot express how I feel right now. She has changed my life and I am forever grateful that I got to be a small part of her conversion to this Restored Gospel. Shay gets the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lives it as if she has never lived any other way. I aspire to be as she is. Sister Peters and I got to talk at her baptism and it was so spiritual. There were so many people there. This ward I am in is the best ward ever. They really take everyone in and want to help us missionaries to the best of their ability. I love them all so much. Also this week I went on an exchange with my STL (Sister Training Leader) and it was the best exchange ever. She is just glowing the Atonement. I have never heard anyone testify so much about Christ’s Redeeming power and it was just perfect with what I have been studying lately. We also just laughed a lot. We weeded in the pouring rain with the Elders and spent the entire day soaking wet. But that has been every day lately. I love it though. Sister Peters is dying though. She wants her San Diego sun back. Sister Bigley, this sister I went on an exchange with, is my dream future companion. She is just the dopest of the dope. I am practicing using that word since it’s used a lot here in the ghetto.
The other night Peters and I were knocking and some lady gave us a giant sweater we could both fit in so we wouldn’t be cold. She also gave us a ton of history about the Catholic religion and how it works today. I love my job. We get to bring people closer to Christ while learning all about everyone else’s believes. C’est la vie.
My studies this week were completely centered around trusting God. When I was reading about the Striping Warriors I realized they had nothing against their enemies other then their faith in God. Sometimes that’s all we have is faith and hope that one day we will be delivered from the trial of the moment.
Love you all. Keep praying.
Sister Carr

One thought on “Shay Got BAPTIZED!!!!!

  1. kay cory says:

    Congratulations on the baptism. We are starting to wear sweaters and some light weight coats here. I went to Stake Choir practice Sunday evening for our Stake conference which is in a few weeks. We will have 3 more practices. There was a huge turnout. Really refreshing. I went with your Mom and Dad to see a play with some of the sisters in our Ward. Pirates of Penzance? It was good It was a musical…Sister Kay Cory


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