Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween on the mission was the best thing ever! We stayed inside a church for 5 hours with a ton of different missionaries. We carved pumpkins, played volleyball, and watched 17 Miracles. That movie changed my life! I know miracles like that still happen today. Please go watch that movie if you haven’t. I attempted to carve Mount Rainer on my pumpkin…it sort of worked. I will have to send a picture next week because I forgot to take a picture. Another super awesome thing that happened this week is I got to see a Goliath Bird Eater!!!! Which is my favorite tarantula on this entire planet! I have always wanted to see one and it was glorious. I also got to hold an Arizona tarantula. My life is complete.
It has been nothing but rainy here and I am in heaven. My companion is dying because she is from San Diego and has never really even seen rain. It also gets really dark really early here so we have to knock in the dark, in the cold and rainy weather. I personally love it. For some reason this is actually my perfect weather. I will take it over the heat that I had to go through this past summer.
Speaking of knocking…a guy answered the door completely naked the other day. Sister Peters and I had no idea what to do. So we told him about Mormon.org and said see ya. Also this other guy was a huge conspiracy theorist and talked to us for like an hour. I love knocking.
We also put a girl named Shay on date for next weekend and had to hand her over to the singles ward Elders. It was very humbling to say the least. But she is getting baptized and we get to go so that is all that matters.
One last thing. A lady in our ward decided to quit drinking coffee and we got to get rid of it. So we threw it all away. Things you will only experience on a mission, I love my life. C’est la vie.

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