No Transferring Here!!!

I get to stay in Lincoln and follow up train my baby!! I am so happy! I don’t have a ton to update on. We had this really wonderful thing called Breakfast Club that our neighboring ward did where we got to eat breakfast and say goodbye to all of the missionaries leaving. It was sad but good. I am sad to see them go but happy that they get to start their life. I finally got out of my hand splint and it is doing worlds better. It is getting cold up here and I love it. I prefer knocking doors in coats than 100 degree weather.
I have been studying from Alma this week and just realizing how much we have to let go of who we use to be. I love the person I am becoming and know I never want to go back to the old me. I want to stay strong in this Gospel my whole life and never slack off. Everyday you have to strengthen your testimony. I love my Heavenly Father and I know He loves me.
P.S. The picture of the Elders in all of my Sweaters was a prime moment in my life. I love getting boxes from home and so do the Elders…

One thought on “No Transferring Here!!!

  1. Kay Cory says:

    I am Emma’s Beehive advisor, and I wanted to tell you that she speaks of her big sister all the time and is very proud of you. She wants to be just like you. I am her “adopted grandma” and we go to movies once in a while. Last week we went to see Pan and she loved it. She is such a joy to be around. You are really setting a good example for her.

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