I fell down stairs.

This past week was amazing and a wreck all at the same time. We had a General Authority, Elder Gaye, come tour our mission this past week. We were told he was going to come check out our apartment, it was okay but not perfect so that was stressful. And then he never came! We didn’t mind, our apartment is now perfectly clean. We got to spend almost a whole day listening to him give us such incredibly inspiring advice. One this that really stuck out to me was to not freak out about the things I don’t have control over and to just move forward with faith and hope. Also the whole message that we have to share with everybody is the Atonement. That is why we call people to repentance every day, it is so that they can feel the Atonement in their life. Also funny story…the day before the mission tour I really injured myself. We were knocking in the rain and I was being reckless and decided to balance down the side of these really tall stair case outside and slipped on moss. I fell down the stair and just went and laid in grass while Sister Peters laughed at me. It was hilarious. I did not break anything luckily but I am in this ridiculous splint on my hand that is very inconvenient. But hopefully I get to get out of it on Monday. Yes, I do still balance down the sides of stairs, but I just make sure I don’t when moss is present.
We also had Stake Conference this weekend and it was so spiritual. The Book of Mormon was one of the main topics along with member missionary work. I can honestly testify that missionary work would be impossible without members. I also just love members and love hearing their testimonies.
Other than that, transfer calls are this Saturday and I hate transfer calls. I always get way nervous. But my baby and I are pretty confident we are staying together. I love Sister Peters, she has already become such a beautiful missionary.
Alma 34 has been my main study for the week. I love that we are always suppose to have a prayer in our heart. Cry always to your Heavenly Father, He is there and ready to listen. He knows already what you are going through, He just wants you to talk through it with Him.
I love you all. Faith is the Power. Love is the Motive.
Sister Carr
PS The picture with the Elders is our transfer picture. Yes we are sharing a very small area with Elders and yes it is frustrating. But we have learned humility and are getting better at working with them.

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