True beans.

Not much to update about me. This week was pretty normal. The Mathew guy I told you about got into some anti-Mormon stuff and is probably not going to get baptized. We do have another guy named Jerry who might, if he comes to know that paying your tithing is important. Missionary work has been quite hard but it is still going. I love it, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.
General Conference was so wonderful! It was so such a blessing to be able to hear from our living Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I love how much they emphasized keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. It is so important to set aside all worldly things on Sunday and dedicate your whole heart to the Lord that day. It is his day and it is truly a delight when you treat it as so. We are all examples of our Savior Jesus Christ, what would he do on the Sabbath? I got to give a talk about it in church a few weeks ago and it really hit home how much I have to improve when it comes to His holy day. Sunday is a day of rest, but that means to serve. Home teaching, visiting teaching, do not treat it as a check list. Treat it as a sacred calling. I love both programs and know that church is to help and uplift the members. But you can also do that when you are not at church. I am calling you all to repentance, but that is only because we all need to repent every day.
The weather has been incredible here! The leaves are changing, it is raining more, and it is getting much colder. We have our random hot days, but for the most part it is pretty chilly. It makes knocking a lot more pleasant. Sister Peters has been an incredible baby. I feel as though she doesn’t need a trainer. I love her and am so grateful for her talents. I am just a very proud mom.
Sister Carr

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