I gave birth.

So this week I had my first child. Not literally. This Tuesday I was given the amazing opportunity to train a new missionary. Her name is Sister Peters. She actually knew Sister Julien, the missionary I sent home, before both of there missions. Sister Peters is from Escondido, California. She is so much fun, we have already had a ton of adventures. We got caught in the rain for two hours one night. Washington has been very unpredictable. The only thing that is guaranteed is that it will rain at one point when you don’t expect it. We held two birds and a lizard. We met a guy during knocking that gave us relationship advice for like 2 hours and we it was awesome. We had lots of new missionary meetings. One meeting that lasted 5 and half hours. I am just very excited to see how much Sister Peters grows on her mission. I love that I am training her so early along. We will spend the majority of our missions together. I only go home three transfers before her. I am on my fourth transfer!?! That is just too crazy. I am loving being a missionary. I have been studying in Alma 11 today that is about teaching. Alma and Amulek are the best companions. I just love learning from the Book of Mormon ways I can improve as a teacher.
Whelp that’s all for this week. This coming week is going to be very good. C’est la vie.

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