Tracee and Travis’s Baptism!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a wonderful week full of miracle after miracle. We dropped our one investigator named John who was on date to be baptized. He ended up turning against us and it was terrible. But we followed the spirit and let him go. After we did that we got 6 new investigators and put 3 on date to be baptized!!!! It is so beautiful, when you follow the will of God only good can come. I am so happy to do His will, even if I don’t understand at the moment. I then went on an exchange with Sister Lomu and we got to go back to Olympia to see my baptism!!! Tracee and Travis got baptized in a river and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It was so wonderful to see them again and see all of the members being so supportive. I also got to see the Sprick’s and Libby’s. They are two families that I will forever cherish. I just feel so blessed to have been a small part of Tracee and Travis’s conversion. I will never forget them. This Saturday I get to go back to Olympia for another baptism! Juan Felix!!!! I worked with him both transfers and he picked a date right after I left. In one year him and his family will be able to be sealed together for eternity! I have no words to describe how I feel. I love this work. I have been reading in Mosiah lately and I have come to really love Abinadi. He was always so bold and truly feared no man. He was even threatened to death and he still would not back down. Even though he only saw one person become converted, Alma who was actually chased out and almost killed, he changed more lives than are countable. I am so grateful for the conversions I have been a part of, but something I have learned is that I did nothing. I just kept going and never gave up, the spirit is what truly did the work. I love my Heavenly Father and I know that is work is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I pray I can but help a little bit.
Transfer calls are this Saturday. Can you believe six weeks has already gone by. Yikes. I am super excited about it though. I have come to love transfers, you never know what is going to happen.
Mosiah 14:3-5
Cest la vie.

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