25 August, 2015 13:14

This last week was a very long week. Pretty much every single appointment fell through. We got antied a lot. I almost got hit by a car today. My emotional state has not been the best. We just really struggled to get anything done last week. But we kept going and we are already seeing the miracles of it. We had a lady name Amy call us and ask to learn more and will be going to a baptism with us tonight. I have a baptism this weekend for Marissa Bigsbee! Next weekend my investigator from Olympia named Tracee and her son is going to get baptized in their backyard! John another investigator here in Lincoln is getting baptized next weekend hopefully. Juan is still on date for the 12th. I am just so on top of the world right now. I love all of these people so much and feel so blessed to have been a part of their conversion. I love being a missionary! The ward I am in is so missionary focused it is such a blessing. For the sorrow I have felt on my mission I have felt double the amount of joy. This truly is Heavenly Father’s work and I get to be a small part of it. Jacob 5 has been a huge part of my study this week and as a missionary it holds so much meaning to me. I am nothing but a servant, but I feel so blessed. The joy of doing this work is indescribable. I never want to stop. I think it is so crazy that I am already 4 months in. It goes by way too fast. I know I still have a long time, but it doesn’t feel like it.
We found the biggest most beautiful edible plant this week. I did eat it. We also picked pears and tomatoes out of a random guys backyard that let us help him lay cement. And a moth hung out with us while we went knocking. It was a pretty random week. We played this super fun game called Gator Ball on PDay and I made the winning score. I felt pretty epic.
This week is going to be such a good week, I can feel it. Much love to you all. C’est la vie.

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