We got our transfer call this week and I we are both leaving. I am going to Tacoma and Sister Julien is going home. I am so conflicted about how I feel about this. I am sad to leave this area. We have three wonderful investigators, two are going to get baptized and one I hope will. I was just starting to really get to know the ward and love them. I am also going to miss all of my crazy neighbors. But I am very excited to go work in a city! I am going to be in a ward called Lincoln and I will be in the ghetto. I here the best stories come from Lincoln. I already love my new companion. Kama!!!! We served in the same area my first transfer and we became really good friends. I look forward to getting to know her even better. It is bitter sweet to say goodbye to Julien, but she gets to be with her family so I am very happy for her. Sorry I didn’t write much last week. I actually got a concussion last Sunday…I need to be less excited when I get up from praying. The past two weeks have been a lot of fun and I am sad to leave here but the memories are still there (hopefully, I did break my brain.) I will be emailing on Tuesdays starting next week I believe. Feel free to send me things to my mission office because I will be right next to it, and it will be safer there.
I know this Gospel is true and I am so grateful to be my Heavenly Father’s missionary, where ever that may be. I love you all.

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