What the HECK week.

So this week was a roller coaster. It all started when we got stuck behind a train past curfew and a horse almost bucked out of a trailer and killed us. Then our freezer opened and everything melted including and orange juice container that exploded and made our apartment reek. Then we went and did service and got flipping FLEAS!!!!!! We had to get them off of us and bomb our car. We were without a car the whole day, it was interesting.

Then we did service for this amazing woman and fixed a water fall. That was an up part. But then our apartment got surprise checked by the head housing people. Lets just say there is room for improvement at our apartment. Then we had to skip dinner because we got stuck with someone who just wanted to show us all her dresses, she is a Child of God and I love her, but I also love food. Then it rained. That was an up. We had to hand over our one investigator to the singles ward. Down, big down. But we had an amazing Musical Fireside that a Less Active came to and is going to try to get back into the church. SOOO all in all, pretty solid week. Prayer is a real thing, trust me. I love you all. Carpe Diem and read the Book of Mormon.

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