Week one/two…

This week was my first week with Sister Julien after the emergency transfer and it went pretty well. She is done with her mission in 4 weeks, so this will be my shortest companionship ever. Hopefully. She is awesome though, we are already the greatest of friends. God has been very good to me so far. She got peed on by a dog the same day I got bit by another one. Instant best friends after that.

img 2115

We did a lot of service this week and knocked a lot of doors. I have been studying a lot about Christ Like Attributes this week and have learned a lot of things about myself that can be improved. But I have also learned a lot about me that is good. “There is light and dark in each one of us, it’s the side we choose that makes us who we are.” – Gandalf and Dumbledore. (probably spelt those both wrong) I am choosing to really focus on improving myself so I can help others improve but still seeing the good in me. Mosiah 3:19 has been my theme the past couple of weeks. Along with Ether 12:4.

img 2113Stay happy everyone, it is what God wants for all of us. That is why it is called the Plan of Happiness. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, ask.) I had an awesome 4th of July! We painted our nails with our neighbor friend and watched a parade. We had a super fun Zone party. But we had to be in the apartment early. So we just basically laid around because that’s what missionaries do when they actually get a break. I love being a missionary!:)

img 2123God Bless America, land that I love. 🙂
Sister Carr

2 thoughts on “Week one/two…

  1. Kay says:

    Hi, loved your nails. Im taking your sister Emme And Adia to the movie tomorrow to see Max. It is her birthday and Megan and Shylo and JD will be at work, so Im swinging by and going to a movie with them. I love your enthusiasm about you mission….Kay


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