Week from HECK, and a couple of miracles.

This week has been very interesting. We helped move a family completely out of there house in 3 hours because it turned out they were evicted. But we managed to fit everything into a U-Haul truck and I only broke on shelf with my shins. They have some pretty awesome bruises.

On Wednesday we had Zions Camp. Which was this awesome trust camp that really helped me learn how to depend on others. We did this awesome trust fall, but the girls dropped someone one right before I was suppose to go…I fell no problem I just thought I was going to die. I didn’t though. It was a lot of fun. And my entire zone wore matching shirts and looked epic.

img 1844Thursday was Park Day, that just means we aren’t allowed to use our car. So we picked weeds for a member and then that night we did the dumbest thing you could ever think of. So Sis. Rasmussen and I are always eating random plants and bragging about it. So the Elders told us to eat this random leaf…and we did because we are prideful and have to prove ourselves. It turned out to be poisonous. It blistered our mouths and made us sick out of our minds (we were literally loopy.) But God was watching over us. We had to spend most of the day inside dying but he helped us teach our two lessons that night.

We have our first progressing investigator we found while knocking. He is amazing and wants to learn everything!!! We also helped a less active want to come to church again. So the moral of that is eat poisonous plants and miracles will happen. Just kidding, don’t do that. We are all better now but we are super dumb. I promise no more poisonous plants.

Also I got bit by another small dog, dogs hate me. My finger is fine but my spirit was hurt a little because it was so cute. All dogs love Sis R and bite me. I don’t get it. Haha. But I will live.

We went to two baptisms for other missionaries on Saturday and I just cannot wait to have my first one. And I had my first transfer call on Saturday!! We are both staying! But we still get to go to transfer meeting because a lot of awesome missionaries are going home.

img 1872Also Sis R made me sing in the choir and is trying to get me to sing in front of more people. This transfer is going to be interesting. We also moved our beds again for more room and just because we wanted to.
I love you all. Read the Book of Mormon and pray. C’est la vie.

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