More drunks?

This week was quite slow. A lot of knocking and past potential finding. We did hopefully reactivate a less active who has actually been wanting to go back to church. I felt very inspired to go there and he turned out to be truly ready for us. He is also making us a home made AC because our apartments are a thousand degrees. Did I tell you we moved our beds to the living room because our apartment is so hot? They are still there.

Sister Rasmussen caught her hair on fire because she accidentally whipped her hair into a candle. She quickly put it out and I had to give her a trim to even everything out.

We went to go find a past investigator and ended up teaching his dad and his dad’s friend. They were both drunk/high and were out of this world. They offered us some weed, we said no of course. Which then led into the Word of Wisdom lesson and they were in total shock. They asked us how we stay so pretty if we aren’t doing any of that stuff. We said it’s because we don’t do that stuff that we stay pretty. Yup. Drunks/Stoners have become the story of our life. We never have a boring moment at least.
We had a Musical Fireside last night and it was amazing…except for the part were we all had to sing in front of a lot of people. I just tried to hide in the middle row. But the recent converts testimonies were amazing and I can’t wait to meet and elect and help them down the path all of them went through.
Transfer meeting is next Tuesday. I have almost made it through my first 6 weeks…what is happening. I hear it only goes faster after this. I don’t know if I can handle faster. I am loving my mission and feel so blessed to be here. I read my favorite story in Alma today when the soldier of Moroni scalps Zerahemnah and puts the scalp on his swords and yells and the Lamanites (Alma 44:12-15.) Read the Book of Mormon if you love war stories because there are some pretty awesome (heart breaking too of course) wars.
That’s all for this week. You are all in my prayers and I love you all very much. There will be no pictures this week due to my forgetfulness and not remember to bring my camera. Sorry you will not be able to see my face this week. Till next week, C’est la vie.

Sister Carr

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