What A Week!

This week was crazy! We knocked on lots of doors and got 3 new investigators. I got bit by two dogs, not hard but it was hilarious. My lungs broke but are all better now. I ate ant butts because Sister Rasmussen said they tasted like strawberries, THEY DO!

My new goal, besides baptizing everyone, is to mow a lawn in a dress. We have been working so hard and I am beyond happy. Everyone needs to read Alma 5! And Enos. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has skyrocketed. I love this gospel and am growing so much.

img 1432

We had interviews with President Blatter this week after District Meeting.

Not much more to update but I have a feeling there will be soon, I will just have to keep working hard. I love you all, but more importantly, God loves you. C’est la vie (an old woman taught me that.) My new motto.

img 1497

I also hit my one month this week and planted a tree to celebrate, and Sister Rasmussen made me a flower headband…my life is very random.

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