One month?!

I love this work so much! We have had very little success but have been working very hard every day. We know there is someone here in Olympia ready to be baptized. I had to give a talk on Sunday about the power of prayer. I can’t believe I already had to give a talk. It’s like God is trying to help me improve or something.

img 1397

The WATAC Sisters are ‘super!’

My trainer is the best. Sister Rasmussen and I are the best of friends. I love her so much. We were tracting the other day in the woods and both had to use the restroom so badly. Nobody was being nice to us like normal…so desperate times call for desperate measures. We had to find a nice wooded area and both peed. We are having some very interesting adventures. She also insists on teaching me how to wrestle because that is what you do as sister missionaries. What did I sign up for?!

img 1394

Having fun as Sisters on P-day!

We did get our one investigator named Juan on date for baptism though! My testimony of this gospel has become so strong. Who knew that knocking doors for four hours a day would make you love Christ so much. The Book of Mormon is the truth. Whenever we have someone read from it you can just feel it testifying of itself. I am so humbled to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and will wear my badge honorably.

I love you all and God bless.

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